The Esfordi Phosphate Mineral Complex with the aim to supervise the quality of the
Quality Control Product has a Quality Control Unit, with its duties as follows :

1- Supervision of the mine with the aim to control assays and granulation of the feed with the aid of ore blending.

2- Supervision of the production unit with the aim to control all effective parameters on the quality by controlling all various means and its sampling.

3- Inspection and certification of the purchased product and evaluation of the suppliers via control and supervision on the purchased raw materials effective on the product.

4- Preparation of various control charts and experimenting for rectification and prevention and controlling the quality of the product.

5- Positive relations with the customers to receive views/proposals to reach their needs.

This Unit employs top experts and facilities including a top laboratory with modern instruments (Atom Arrestor A.A., XRF, UV, etc.) to perform its duties.

The laboratory consists three main Sections;
Sampling and Sample Preparation, Mineralogy Dressing Section and Chemical Laboratory Section.

In the
Sampling and Sample Prepartion Section, samples are taken from all sides of the production line continuosly, and also during loading and transfer to the Chemical Analysis Section of the Laboratory.

In the
Chemical Section, the samples are fed with chemicals and the percentage of P2O5, Fe, Mg & SiOare controlled and classified.
Any changes in the feed to the Plant and the chemicals used in the production cycle in the Mineralogy Section  is inspected and the conditions to optimize the product is relayed to the Operations Manager.

Amongst the activities of Quality Controll in coordination with other

The Esfordi Phosphate Mining & Industrial complex while fulfilling its aims succeeded in achieving :

ISO 14001:2004 (Environment Management Certificate)

ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management Certificate)

OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational, Health and Safety Management Certificate)






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