Activities and mine exploration were followed up during 1982 to 1992 all over Iran  by The Geological Survey of Iran, Geology Phosphate Exploration Project,General Iranian Mining Company, Maadan-kav Company and Mineral Dressing Laboratory Tests by SALSGITTER in the years 1989 and 1990.

The mine surface area comprises of Iron and phosphate rocks of Igneous Type in spherical shape with a thickness diameter of 500 metres and depth of 100 metres and spread across 20 hectares. The deposit are evaluated near 17 million tons with the grade of 13.9% P2O5 which with due consideration to the activities performed is foreseen that the deposits may reach 22 million tons and  with the important factor that this mineral may consists about 1.2% of rare elements.

The mineral deposits, after blasting is transported via bull dozer, loader and dump trucks to the entrance of the Plant.
















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