Cases of Phosphate Use


Phosphate Use Instances
Preparation of Acid Phosphoric
Chemical Fertilizer Production Industries
Food Industries
Animal/Fowl Feeds
Pharmaceutical Products
Tooth (Dentures) Paste
Paint Industries
Anti-corrosive Steels
Safety Matches
Defence Industry (preparation of flare balls)
Firework Accessories and Night Reflector Tools

Industrial use of Phosphate :


The foremost use of Phosphate Rock is when it is converted into Acid Phosphoric and then followed by its use in relevant industry. Presently the overall national needs for P2Ois anually about 1000,000 tons, which practically all of it is imported. 

About 83.3% of it is used in the phosphate fertiliser industry, about 5.6% in detergents,3.3% in husbandry,7.8% in food industry, plating, paints, medicine, etc.

Although, the Esfordi phosphate meets some of the national needs but with due consideration to the presence of phospate deposits, the country is hopeful to be self-sufficient.

The huge Esfordi Mining Complex is fully committed to production, construction and betterment of  National Economy. The endeavours and untiring efforts of the Engineers, Miners, Experts and Workers are worth meritting and gratification.
















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